VClass – 1to1 Classroom Management Tool 2016-10-24T00:54:23+00:00

Project Description

VClass is the classroom collaboration and management tool; that is provided to the teachers to manage and govern classroom session in the classroom with all the tablet devices and interactive smart board in the class.

With VClass, Teachers are able to; take attendance, manage applications installed in student tablets by activating or inactivating them, lock/unlock student tablets, use Lesson Plans (that is created and sent from VCollab) and send students learning objects to consume during the class session, manage student screens by seeing and able to send any screen to other students or interactive smart board, direct students to certain webpage, send homework, apply polling and receive results instantaneously, apply test and quizzes, remotely control the interactive smart board in the class and send homework.

Class also enables students to consume offline content after the classroom session which is assignment by their teachers.