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Who am I?

Organized, detail-driven leader with extensive experience,
overseeing processes of online & mobile e-learning project
conceptualization, use case scenarios, setting up
production pipeline and learning management systems.

Highly skilled designer with 15 years experience who is team orientated with good interpersonal skills. Successfully lead teams to deliver top-quality distance education content and products. Recognized for professionalism and ability to strategically utilize technology to improve usecase scenarios, learning scenarios and learning systems. Delivers top-quality e-learning content in collaboration with instructional designers, developers, sales and marketing teams. Manage client expectations around scheduling and deliverables.


  • Participating product definition process with different parties.
  • Capturing and verifying requirements for different portions of product.
  • Creating required design documents and resolve unexpected conflicts.
  • Creating concept sketches, information architecture.
  • Creating flow diagrams, wireframes, pre-mockups, prototypes and high fidelity renderings.
  • Making crucial and quick decisions regarding visual and user experience design.
  • Creating animations and interaction designs from storyboard through development.
  • Creating e-learning content by using flash, photoshop, illustrator, after effects, premiere, 3ds max, camtasia, etc.
  • As an art director and technical director; successfully guide and direct team of up to 50 illustrators, 2d-3d animators, interface designers and videographers.
  • Assigning specific projects to and monitor workload of visual designers, while tracking individuals’ yearly performance; form basic personal development paths based on team and company needs.
  • Creating comprehensive recruitment process for designers; determined required skill set for position and prepared assesments and basic interviews.
  • Designating team leaders and provide coaching according to their personal development needs.
  • Identifying tasks to be outsourced and formulate effective work processes.
  • Defining work packages and negotiate costs with appropriate parties.
  • Creating asset management solutions and integrated with production pipeline.
  • Building strong teams based on unique combination of employees’ technical and people skills.
  • Seamlessly guiding teams including subject matter experts, instructional designers, visual designers and multimedia programmers, tasked with creating educational content.
  • Participating in discussions regarding workflow of visual design; determine time, revision & optimisation required for each step.
  • Formulating team plans in accordance with overall project plan.
  • Determining requirements of each project and establish appropriate work packages.
  • Allocating individual work packages to specific teams and organize formation of detailed project plans.
  • Identifying process steps and coordinate workflow with fully defined inputs/outputs.
  • Tracking production process and take necessary steps to ensure on-time product deliveries.
  • Reporting project status to Project Management Office and provide feedback to team members.
  • Managing visual design team during production process, implementing necessary steps to ensure project goals are met.
  • Formulating visual and user experience approaches behind every aspect of product and specific work packages; redefine current types of work packages and define new packages according to project requirements.
  • Creating checklists to be used in various stages of testing, including final quality testing of finished product.

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